Jared Collins

Hey! I’m Jared Collins. I am the president of OSCAR robotics. I’m in 12th grade and have been apart of OSCAR since my junior year at Roswell High. I have three main passions: robotics, baseball, and fly fishing. Robotics has been such an amazing influence in my life by instilling invaluable engineering skills while also serving as a foundation for lifelong friendships.



Anna Trively

Hey! My name is Anna Trively, I am currently the vice president of the robotics club at RHS. I joined the club 3 years ago because I was enrolled in the engineering class and I saw them meeting after school and I also saw the posters hung all around and I thought that it would be a fun learning experience. Boy was I right. I am also in the NHS, Mu Alpha Theta, Beta, and I’m in orchestra and on the swim and track team. The past 3 years on the robotics team have been so much fun. The team members are all so welcoming and supportive, out of my high school experience the robotics team is definitely one I will remember forever. I like dogs more than people, and I will eat always eat ice cream even though I am lactose intolerant. Both my parents are engineers so STEM runs in my blood, my older sister is majoring in computer science at Georgia Tech and my younger sister is really short.



Will Barclay

I’m Will Barclay. I am the co-lead for mechanical. I have been apart of the OSCAR robotics team since 9th grade and I am currently in the tenth grade. In my freetime I enjoy reading books, tinkering, building robots, and making lampshades. I enjoy robotics because I like collaborating and problem-solving.



Jordan Freeman

I’m Jordan Freeman. This is my first year in robotics. I’m having a great time! I work on the Drive Team and I’m the Lead of Business. In my spare time, I enjoy debate, reading, basketball, volleyball, stress-baking, and politics.



Kade Siler

Hi, I’mThis is my second year in robotics, last season I was the driver for FTC. This season I am the lead of Strategy and co-lead of Mechanical. I enjoy designing the robot and building the robot. In my free time I enjoy hanging out with friends, going to robotics competitions and playing video games.



Gavin Arnett

My name is Gavin Arnett, I am currently a tenth grader at Roswell High School. This is my fourth year doing FTC, I have spent two years on this robotics team, and spent two years on the Elkins Pointe team. I was one of the founding members of the Elkins Pointe team, in my seventh grade year. I am currently the lead of programming on the team, but I do some of everything on the robot. When I am not doing robotics I play video games, or I am doing school work.